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Academic Integrity & Research Ethics 
Graduate Studies - Humanities 107 
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University of New Mexico 
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Graduate Studies Collaborative 
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Academic Integrity & Research Ethics


AIRE is the Academic Integrity & Research Ethics program at the University of New Mexico. UNM values ethical students, faculty, and staff on the importance and vital practices of ethics and integrity in their academic research.

This site will provide you with:

  • Certification information for the Responsible Conduct of Research – a mandate for those funded by federal funds such as NSF, NIH, and USDA
  • Courses and Workshops on ethics and integrity in research
  • Resources to use in your teaching or daily work as a researcher or student
  • Targeted training in academic integrity and ethics for your students

Please contact us to request an ethics consultation, a personalized plan for teaching ethics in your classroom, or for an ethics lecture to your students by our faculty. We also welcome any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your commitment to not just doing research, but to doing research well.

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