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Courses and Workshops

Fall 2017 Course: "Academic Integrity and Research Ethics"

Tuesdays, September 5 - October 31
4:00-5:20 PM
Woodward Hall 149

This intense 1-credit class that will familiarize you with acceptable practices in research publication, data management, working with humans and other animals in research, conflicts, mentoring (like picking a great mentor or advisor), predator publications, retractions, whistleblowing ethics, avoiding plagiarism and other misconduct issues. Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Certification is issued to those who complete the course. 

Students wishing to receive transcript credit should register for CRN 60177 (OILS 593-004) or CRN 60175 (NSMS 550-001). Students wishing to enroll for Online Synchronous Learning should register for CRN 60178 (OILS 593-080) OR CRN 60176 (NSMS 550-081).  If you would like to take the course for free and not receive transcript credit, please register here

See a topic that interests you, but don't want to take the whole course? That's okay! Feel free to attend the session(s) you wish without registration. 

Contact Dr. William Gannon ( with questions about the course. 

 09/05/2017  Introduction to Responsible & Ethical Conduct in Research (RCR Part 1)
 Topics include
  • overview of the course
  • discussion of NSF and NIH training requirements
 09/12/2017  Whistleblowing & Mentoring (RCR Parts 2 & 3)
 Topics include
  • navigating the process and consequences of calling out ethical misconduct
  • how mentoring and RCR issues arise
  • how ethical issues are managed in laboratory and scholarly research settings
 Mentoring Workshop
 Using Animals in Research
 Human Subjects in Research (RCR Parts 3-5)
 Topics include:
  • the importance and process of finding a good mentor
  • the ethical ramifications of using animals in research
  • ethical issues of using humans in research, including the wide-ranging definitions of what human subjects research is
  • legal requirements to use humans in research
 Frankenstein and the IRB (RCR Parts 5 & 9)
 Authorship, Data Management, and Peer Review Ethics (RCR Parts 6-8)
 Topics include:
  • considering the question, "What if Victor Frankenstein had to submit a protocol to the human subjects review board (IRB) prior to conducting his research?"
  • navigating the process of publishing, including authorship issues and the process of (and ethical issues surrounding) peer review
  • how to responsibly and ethically manage your research data
 Issues in Research Ethics with guest speaker Dr. John Gluck (RCR Parts 10-12)
 Understanding U.S. Copyright Law with guest speaker Cindy Pierard
 Topics include:
  • how copyright law works
  • fair use and how it applies to you
  • how can you both protect and provide access to your work
 Research Ethics Student Presentations

Other RCR Certification Opportunities 

08/16 & 08/17/20178:30 AM - 12:00 PMIntensive 2-Day RCR Certification
Offered as part of Biology 502-025, a seminar for new Biology graduate students. Must get permission from instructor (Dr. Bill Gannon, to take the course. 
08/31, 09/07, 09/14, & 09/212:00-3:40 PMFour-Day RCR Certification
Offered as part of weeks 2-5 of Psychology 505. Must receive permission from instructor (Dr. Sarah Erickson, to sit in during these weeks of the course for RCR certification. 
Logan Hall 226

These workshops are offered in connection with PAW, the Professional and Academic Workshop series. Find more workshops and learn about the PAW certificate program by clicking on the link below or visiting

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