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Online Orientation

About UNM

UNM is one of three Doctoral/Research Extensive universities that is also recognized as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), a member of the Consortium for American Indian Graduate Education, and a participant in the Western Regional Graduate Programs.

UNM is home to over 20 campus research centers and institutions, including the Latin American & Iberian Institute, the Center for High Technology Materials, the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute, and the Bureau for Business and Economic Research. Our campus cultural resources include museums, libraries and special collections, centers for performance, entertainment, recreation and athletics. UNM graduate students also benefit from local research labs, cultural centers and cultural events that are easily accessible to the campus (e.g. Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs, Kirtland Air Force Research Lab, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the American Indian Graduate Center, and the Annual Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow).

UNM graduate students are recipients of state, regional, and national/federal support to complete their studies, engage in research, complete theses and dissertations, and participate in numerous internship opportunities.

The Project For New Mexico Graduates of Color (PNMGC), the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) and departmental student associations provide peer support and funding opportunities to our current students.


Avoiding Disenrollment

Students who fail to pay their full required tuition and fee charges or make adequate financial arrangements with the Bursar's Office on or before the tuition deadline will have their registration canceled and be disenrolled from all classes. Graduate students who have been awarded assistantships with tuition waivers must have their contracts processed by the Monday before the tuition deadline to avoid being disenrolled by the Bursar’s Office.

Students with canceled registration who wish to be enrolled at UNM must re-register. (The student will be required to make full payment, or must complete financial arrangements for all University charges, and pay a non refundable re-registration/late registration fee.)

Campus Map

We are located at:

Street Address
The University of New Mexico
Office of Graduate Studies
Humanities Building, Suite 107
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Graduate Studies is located in the heart of the UNM main campus (between Central Blvd. And Lomas Blvd., and east of University Blvd.). The Humanities Bldg. is directly west of the Student Union Building (SUB) and directly south of Zimmerman Library.

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Visit Campus Maps for more information.

Change Name or Address

Students are responsible for notifying the University of any changes in name or address. Address can be changed using Demographic Self-Service (DSS).

To change your address:

  1. Log on to My UNM with your NetID and password.
  2. Use the Demographic Self-Service application (DSS) to update address and contact details.

Changes in Enrollment

Once registered each semester students may process schedule changes through the drop/add procedures during the appropriate periods. The process is described in the UNM Catalog. Please review this information carefully; it can have serious implications to your academic record and student standing.

Confidentiality of Student Records

The University of New Mexico complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Copies of and information about the Rights and Privacy Act are available in the Records and Registration Office, Student Services Center, Room 250.

Directory information may be released to the public unless the student has requested that the information be withheld. Directory information includes: the student’s name, address, e-mail address, telephone listing, date of birth, major field of study, full or part-time status, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, most recent previous educational agency or institutions attended by the student, participation in official recognized activities and sports, and the weight and height of members of athletic teams.

Students who wish to have “directory information” withheld must show a photo ID and submit a written request for such status to the Records and Registration Office in the Student Services Center, Room 250 by the end of late registration for any semester.

Course Credit

The University of New Mexico course numbering system information is described in the UNM Catalog. Courses numbered 500-600 are graduate courses and they carry graduate credit for all graduate students, whether in your area of study or not and will be calculated in your cumulative graduate grade point average (GPA) if taken while in graduate status.

Some 300 and 400-level courses are available for graduate credit if listed in the UNM Catalog with either a single asterisk (*) or a double asterisk (**). If you enroll in any 300/400-level courses listed with a single asterisk, you are automatically taking the course for graduate credit, whether in your area of study or not. Those 300/400-level courses listed with a double asterisk are available for graduate credit only to students outside that particular area of study. In order to receive graduate credit for a course with a double asterisk, an eligible student must complete and fully process a “Graduate Credit Authorization Form” by the published dates.

Courses numbered 700 are generally considered “professional courses” and may not carry graduate credit.

Fees Payment

To make tuition payments:

  1. Log on to My UNM with your NetID and password.
  2. Select the 'Student Life' Tab and 'Enter LoboWeb'.
  3. Once in LoboWeb, select 'Make Payments'.
  4. Then select 'UNM Account suite'.

To avoid disenrollment, please make payment on or before the tuition deadline. For more information visit Bursar's Office website.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office provides support funds to graduate students in the form of Fellowships, Grants, and Assistantships. Work-study and loans are provided to students based on need. To apply for financial aid visit the Financial Aid Office website.

The Financial Aid Office is located at One Stop Mesa Vista Hall on the main campus.

Graduate Policies

Graduate students may petition the Dean of Graduate Studies for an exception to any of the University-wide policies or regulations specified in the University Catalog. Petitions are intended to allow students the opportunity to deal with unusual or extraordinary events, particularly circumstances beyond their control that would penalize them unfairly. It should be kept in mind, however, that a hallmark of fairness is the uniform application of the same standards and deadlines to all students.

Petition an Academic Issue

Petition for Reinstatement

Student Grievance Policy

Health Insurance

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) provides health and counseling services to all UNM students. Students are not required to have health insurance to be seen at SHAC. However, SHAC strongly recommends that all students have health insurance to help defray the costs of health care.

SHAC provides health insurance to students enrolled for six or more hours per semester. For more information on health insurance and services provided by SHAC visit Student Health and Counseling (SHAC).


Graduate Students have a number of options to choose from: residence halls, student family housing, and privately owned apartments available to rent.

On Campus Student Housing website provides information about campus housing rates, family housing and eligibility.

Off Campus Housing website provides apartment listings and bulletin boards.

Join Graduate Studies Listserv

Join the Graduate Studies Listserv: The listserv provides graduate students with important information about funding opportunities, workshops, career services, and graduation deadlines.

Lobo Card

The Lobo Card allows you to check out materials from the libraries, access athletic events, the Student Health Center, recreational services (Johnson Center), campus meal plans, and other services. In addition, there are user-activated options available both on and off campus, including use as a bank debit card, ATM card, and telephone calling card.

To get a new Lobo Card:

  • Visit the Lobo Card Office. The office is located in the lower level in the north end of the Student Union building, room 1077, directly across from Zimmerman library.
  • Bring a government-issued form of identification with you, such as your driver's license, passport, or military ID.

For more information visit the Lobo Card Office Website.

New Mexico Residency

If you live in New Mexico only to attend school and have a residence out-of-state the rest of the year, you are resident of that state and are not eligible for New Mexico residency. If you are financially independent and can provide documentation of residing in New Mexico for the past 12 consecutive months, you may be eligible to petition for residency and secure resident tuition.

In addition to providing The University of New Mexico with proof of living in New Mexico, there are several overt acts required to also show intent of residency. These requirements are set forth by the New Mexico Commission of Higher Education and are as follows:

  1. acquiring a New Mexico driver’s license;
  2. registering your vehicle in New Mexico;
  3. registering to vote in New Mexico;
  4. if employed, showing evidence of employment in New Mexico and
  5. if employed, showing payment of New Mexico state taxes.

How do you petition for New Mexico Residency?

Please go to the Registrar's Office main page, or to the Residency Information page for a checklist of documentation required for the petition. You can also find other forms for programs available to nonresidents. All documents submitted for this purpose will be kept confidential. Residency petitions will be accepted beginning the first week of July for the Fall semester and the first week of December for the Spring semester. Return the completed petition no later then the second Friday of each Fall and Spring semester to the Office of the Registrar, Student Services Center, Room 261.


A variety of alternative transportation choices are available, but if you choose to drive to campus, a perking permit is required.

UNM Transportation Resources

UNM Students Ride Albuquerque Busses Free

Parking Permits

Shuttle services

Register for Classes

To register for classes:

  1. Log on to My UNM with your NetID and password.
  2. Select the 'Student Life' Tab and 'Enter LoboWeb'.
  3. Once in LoboWeb, select 'Registration and Records' and then select 'Registration (Add/Drop classes)'.

Things to Remember:

  • Non-degree students are limited to registering for a maximum of 9 semester hours per semester.
  • Students who do not have their tuition paid by the deadlines will be subject to disenrollment. Visit Bursar's Office website to find payment deadlines.

Find Schedule of classes online.

Student Records

To remain in good academic standing students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in all courses taken for graduate credit after admission to a graduate degree program at the University of New Mexico. Please check the following links to learn more about grades.

Grade Point Calculation (GPA) Calculation

Probationary Status

Incomplete (I) Grades

Time to Degree

“Time-to-Degree” refers to the time taken to complete all degree requirements, from the point of admission to graduation. Obviously Time-to-Degree will be shorter for full-time students vs. part-time students, for students enrolling only in courses which are required for their degree program, and for those who maintain continuous enrollment through completion.

Full-time graduate status is considered for students enrolled in 9 credits per semester, without a commitment to an assistantship. Those holding assistantships are considered full-time if enrolled in at least 6 hours per semester.

For most Masters degrees, the completion of 30 to 36 semester hours is required. For students enrolled on a full-time basis with continuous enrollment, completion of the masters degree requirements could potentially be completed in 18 months to 2 years. The average completion rate is more likely to be 2 to 3 years.

Doctoral studies, beyond the bachelors degree requires a minimum of 48 hours of coursework, plus 18 units of dissertation credits. For students enrolled on a full-time basis with continuous enrollment, completion of the doctoral degree requirements could potentially be completed in 3.5 to 5 years beyond the bachelors degree. The average completion rate is more likely to be 4 to 7 years beyond the bachelors degree—in disciplines which do not require previous professional employment in their admissions decisions.

Related to Time-to-Degree, the University has established specific Time Limits for both masters and doctoral degrees, as stated below.

Time Limits – Master’s Degree Students:

Student’s seeking master’s degrees at the University of New Mexico must complete all requirements for the degree within seven (7) years from the date of the earliest course listed on the Program of Studies. No course work older than seven years at the time of graduation may be included as part of a student’s Program of Studies. An exception will be considered if, and only if, a) some catastrophic event beyond the student’s control occurs in the last semester of the seventh year following completion of the earliest course work, and b) the student would have graduated had the event not occurred. In such cases, students may petition the Senate Graduate Committee for an exception.

Time Limits – Doctoral Students:

All doctoral students are required to take a doctoral comprehensive examination that usually takes place at the time when coursework for the degree is completed and the student is ready to begin the dissertation. Once the student passes the comprehensive examination, s/he has five (5) years to complete all degree requirements, including the defense of the dissertation and submission of the dissertation to the OGS.


Each student must create a UNM NetID. Your NetID and password will provide access to various online services. You need NetID to:

  • Use your UNM email account
  • Register for classes
  • Customize your UNM Web Portal
  • Buy a parking permit
  • Take online classes via WebCT
  • Check your financial aid
  • And other computer and network services.

Students employed at UNM may need access to university information systems (your supervisor will inform you if you need this access).

Click here to create your NetID.

When you create a NetID, a UNM email account is automatically created for you in this format: <your netid>

OGS regularly sends messages to all graduate students with “unm.eduamp;#8221; e-mail addresses only concerning OGS requirements and deadline dates.

IT (Information Technologies) is the UNM office that oversees Net Ids, campus computer pods and a variety of other computer services. For more information on the NetID, visit the UNM NetID Maintenance Page.

Web Portal

A campus portal is a web site that provides a customizable, personalized front end to University services, resources and community. From a single point using a single sign-on, via a computer, palm pilot or cell phone, the UNM community can have access to:

University services such as e-mail, calendar, news items and chat;

  • Information specific to individuals, such as money owed, important deadlines, graders, class schedule;
  • Favorite bookmarks
  • Information from outside the University, such as weather and international news.

A portal provides a focal point for services and communication tools for the entire University including prospective students and alumni.

You can establish your web portal by going to the portal web site,, and entering your NetID and password.