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Video Journals

Part of graduate study is communicating about what you do. In this page students present short (1-2 min) video journals about what their graduate studies is about and why they chose UNM to do their work. We hope you enjoy. Schedule your Video Journal. Watch more Video Journals.

Teacher Practitioner research is known as: action research, practice-centered inquiry, teacher research, teacher-as-scholar, practical inquiry, classroom inquiry, and storytelling school of research. Practitioner Research honors teachers as professionals who are experts in their own classroom. Teacher research reclaims the professional power and expertise educators have in their ability to contribute to student success and learning through their reflective practice. Six teacher practitioners discuss their current classroom research projects:

  • Project-based learning in our Gifted classroom (Amanda Champany)
  • Supporting a new teacher: Dialogue about practice (Rita McGrath)
  • What happens when I get involved in my school community (Melissa Hughes)
  • Scripted reading program and sixth grade students' reading attitudes (Devin Bozzelli)
  • Visiting homes of students in my second grade classroom (Dana Murray)

These teacher practitioners are leading the way, one classroom at a time.

Amanda Champany 
Elementary Education

Rita McGrath 
Elementary Education

Melissa Hughes  
Elementary Education 

Devin Bozzelli 
Elementary Education

Dana Murray 
Elementary education

Mary Durfey 
Elementary Education