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Amigo Scholarship Program for International Graduate Students

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The International Amigo Scholarship entitles qualifying international students to a non-resident tuition waiver (value of more than $10,000 per year) and a cash award of $200 per year- provided a student meets renewal requirements. This means the student will pay only in-state tuition and other expenses.  The Amigo Scholarship is a tuition-specific award and does not convert to a cash award if the recipient’s tuition is covered by other means, such as an assistantship or scholarship.


Graduates must have:

  • The equivalent of a U.S. 3.0 college grade point average (GPA) as determined by UNM.
  • Admission to a full-time UNM graduate degree program by the deadline.
  • Recommendation by the graduate department to receive the scholarship. (Contact your department to ask if they will nominate you.)
  • NO UNM assistantships.
  • Non-immigrant visa status (F1 or J1)
  • NO previous attendance in the current UNM program

NOTE on Special Requests for Returning Students (formerly known as Category 3): Effective spring 2013, we can no longer accept applications for returning students.

Spring 2014 Nomination Process

ALL GRADUATE students will be considered for the scholarship upon admission to a UNM graduate program AND nomination by the graduate department. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited in number.  Apply as soon as possible for the best possible chance of receiving the scholarship.

Individual academic departments will nominate applicants as part of the departmental admission process and inform the Office of International Admissions via the International Admission decision form submitted through the STARRS workflow.  The Office of International Admissions will screen the nominations for eligibility (international student, admitted).

Graduate units will initially notify nominated graduate students of the International Amigo Scholarship.  The Office of International Admissions will follow up with nominees by sending an email detailing the scholarship and need of any other needed financial documentation.  The awardee must return the confirmation of acceptance of the International Amigo Scholarship and any other needed financial documentation to the Office of International Admissions by the date specified in the email notification.

If and when an awardee accepts an assistantship or any other award that covers the non-resident portion of tuition, graduate units must notify the Office of International Admissions and Graduate Studies so that the Amigo award can be awarded to another eligible nominee.

Renewal Eligibility

The Scholarship may be renewed annually for up to two years (four semesters) for Master’s students and four years (eight semesters) for PHD students provided the student maintains enrollment in and completes 9 credit hours in the Fall and Spring semesters with a minimum 3.0 GPA.  A student who fails to meet the requirements loses the scholarship.

NOTE:  Awardees who transfer from a master’s program to a doctoral program do not carry the Amigo award into the new degree program.

For questions, please contact:

Janine N. Pacheco, 
International Admissions Program Manager 
(505) 277-0430 / (505) 277-5829 
Global Education Office - The University of New Mexico