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Computer & Technology Workshops

Additional workshops Fall 2018 will be added soon, so be sure to check back! We encourage you to click on the available links to confirm dates, times, and locations of these workshops.

17 Aug 20189:00-11:00 AMAdvanced Version Control with Git, GitHub, and LoboGit
Registration encouraged
Centennial Library, DEN 2University Libraries
11 Sept 20183:00-6:00 PM(Virtual) Reality Bites: Create Your Own 360 VR VideosCentennial Library, DEN 2
14 Sept 20189:00-11:00 AMQuantitative Analysis Using R and RStudioCentennial Library, DEN 2University Libraries
9 Oct 20183:00-6:00 PM(Virtual) Reality Bites: Take a Virtual Tour of the Human BodyCentennial Library, DEN 2
19 Oct 20189:00-11:00 AMNatural Language Processing with PythonCentennial Library, DEN 2University Libraries
22 Oct 20185:00-8:00 PM(Virtual) Reality Bites: Experience Skiing and Extreme Sport in VRCentennial Library, DEN 2
9 Nov 20189:00-11:00 AMDatabase Fundamentals Part 2: MySQL and PostgreSQLCentennial Library, DEN 2University Libraries 
13 Nov 20183:00-6:00 PM(Virtual) Reality Bites: Travel the World for International Education WeekCentennial Library, DEN 2
7 Dec 20189:00-11:00 AMNoSQL and Graph Databases with ElasticSearch, MongoDB, and NodeJSCentennial Library, DEN 2University Libraries