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The Shared Knowledge Conference is a celebration of UNM graduate students and their outstanding research and scholarship. During 2017, UNM Graduate Studies hosted two separate conferences (one during spring semester and one during fall semester); future conferences will be held annually. The conference provides a venue for students to engage with the UNM and larger New Mexican communities, to cross the borders that too-often divide academia from the larger world and in so doing spark conversations and work together for a world of equity, innovation, discovery, and growth.
The Spring 2017 Shared Knowledge Conference was held at the Student Union Building and featured graduate student work through two powerful showcases:

1. LoboBITES, a “three-minute thesis”-type competition. Graduate students explain their thesis or dissertation without jargon to a non-academic audience in three minutes or less. Prizes included up to $1000 in scholarships. Click here for full proceedings, including abstracts and winners of the Spring 2017 LoboBITES competition.

2. Poster Sessions, during which graduate students from varied disciplines across campus present their research in poster format and engage directly with conference attendees. Click here to view abstracts for the posters presented at the Spring 2017 conference.

The event was free to attend and open to the UNM community and beyond, and was sponsored by Graduate Studies, the Vice President for Research, and UNM Alumni Affairs