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Graduate Poster Showcase

The Fall 2017 Shared Knowledge Conference will accept research posters from students nominated by their departments and/or program. Selected students will benefit from the experience by adding the conference to their CV, interacting professionally with conference attendees, gaining valuable conference experience, and having their work promoted online on the conference website. To see the posters from the last conference's proceedings, click here

Submissions will be accepted through October 9, 2017.

Nomination Guidelines and Other Considerations

  • Each graduate program should nominate at least 1 poster per 25 students enrolled
  • Only graduate students nominated by their program may participate; no outside submissions will be accepted
  • Ideal submissions are innovative projects which inspire dialogue between academic and non-academic circles
  • Recommended poster size is 24"x36" (vertical orientation). The largest poster size that will be accepted is 36"x48" (any orientation)
  • Poster sessions will be 60-90 minutes long
  • Printing costs must be covered by either the student or their program
  • Abstracts for posters will be published on the Graduate Studies website
  • Posters will remained on display during the following LoboBITES competition.