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Submit a Poster Abstract

Please carefully follow these instructions when submitting your poster abstract. Bolded steps are those which relate to form fields which may cause confusion to some, and should therefore be followed with particular care. 

If you encounter any problems with your submission, or if you have any questions, please email conference liaison Christine Shell ( 

  1. Presentation Title: Enter the title of your research poster.

  2. Presenter Information: Unless you have previously submitted a document to the UNM Digital Repository, your information may not appear in the “Search for an Author” box. To add your information, you’ll need to click the green plus box in the lower right hand corner of the field. Make sure to complete all the applicable fields, including the “Institution” field (which should be the University of New Mexico). If other people have contributed to your research project, don’t submit those names here. Instead, you may include their names in the “Full Text of Presentation” field below.

  3. Program: Enter the name of your academic program (i.e. civil engineering, English literature, etc).

  4. College: Select your college.

  5. Student Level: Select degree level at which you are enrolled.

  6. Faculty Nominator: Include the name and UNM email of the person who nominated you to present a poster at the conference.

  7. Disciplines: Select any applicable fields related to your research poster.

  8. Abstract: Submit an abstract of 300 words or less in this field. You will also be required to submit a PDF document of your abstract later in the form.

  9. Comments: Please type “Poster Submission” in this box.

  10. Full Text of Presentation: Upload a PDF file of your abstract here. The body of the document should be formatted in 12 point Times New Roman font, single spaced with one-inch margins. Be sure to include your presentation title, your name, the names of any other poster authors, and your academic department on separate lines, centered at the top of the page.