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Web Application Developer

Position Duties and Responsibilities

The Institute of Design & Innovation at the University of New Mexico is seeking a student web application developer with technical skills that include the capacity to create, deploy, and administer cloud-based applications. This position requires the use of modern full-stack web application technologies, including Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, source control systems such as Git, and relational database design principles. The candidate must also possess the ability to function productively as a member of a development team within a fast-paced environment. Additionally, the successful candidate will be a self-motivated individual able to help foster positive relationships between customers at various functional units across campus.

Position Requirements

•Knowledge of HTML and CSS
•Familiarity with programming language/s commonly used in web development (Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc.)
•Familiarity with relational database system/s (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, etc.)
•Familiarity with distributed version control systems such as Git

Additional Requirements

•Knowledge of Ruby on Rails web application framework
•Knowledge of PostgreSQL relational database management system

Required Application Documents

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

To Apply, Please Email Your Application Materials To:

 Jarred Kozlick,

Monthly stipend rate dependent on experience. Includes tuition (up to 6 credits per semester).