Guidelines for an Extension of an Incomplete Grade

Request for Extension of Incomplete Grade Form

Please email the completed form to Robben Brown (, 505-277-7398). Submitting the form from your UNM email address will serve as your signature on the document.

An Incomplete (I) grade must be removed within one calendar year from the term in which the student was awarded the “I” grade or the “I” will revert to an I/F.  A student may apply for an extension of the time allowed to complete the required course work removing the “I” grade.  Students must submit the form with all required signatures to Graduate Studies no later than the last day of the current term.  A student who re-enrolls in residence may be granted a one-semester extension.  If an extension is granted, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure the “I” grade is removed by the date indicated.  For further information on Incomplete grades see the UNM Catalog section on incomplete grades.