2018 LoboBites Finalists

Click the images below to watch video of each LoboBITE presentation. To read abstracts of the presentations, please click here.


Adeline Fanni

"Evaluation of a Novel Tool to Diagnose and Treat Alzheimer's Disease"

Andressa Maia

"Rethinking Memory, Violence and Environment in Literature"

Ayush Raj Shah

"Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewater Treatment, Reuse, and Recovery"

Emma Garcia

"An Engineer’s Take on the Bone-ligament Interface: Utilizing Novel Technology to Improve Clinical Outcomes

Julie Allison Spencer

"How Does Antibiotic Resistance Spread in Tuberculosis?"

Karishma Bansal

"Dance of Two Supermassive Binary Black Holes"

Lauren Bansbach

"Ponderosa Pine Seedling Physiology After Severe Wildfire: Does it Take a Forest to make a Forest?"

Phuong Anh Nguyen

"Improving the Palatability of Colonoscopy Preparations"

Sarina Baldoni

"Cryptocurrencies: Myth vs. Reality"

Suzanne Stradling

"Hydroelectric Management on the Rio Chama: Balancing Competing Ecological Priorities"

Tye D Martin

"Computational Investigation of the Interactions Between Bioactive Compounds and Biological Assemblies"