The LoboBITES 2020 Finals

The 2020 LoboBITES finals were held on November 12, 2020 via Zoom. Finalists were selected by judges from non-academic departments at UNM, and the finals were judged by New Mexico community leaders.

First Place Winner

Amelia Bierle | Read her abstract here

Second Place Winners (Tied)

Mario Del Àngel | Read his abstract here

Tia Donaldson | Read her abstract here


Blaise Mariner | Read his abstract here

Carlos Enrique Ibarra | Read his abstract here

Isabel Meza | Read her abstract here

Spencer Staley | Read his abstract here

Many thanks to our 2020 LoboBITES Finale community judges:

Deb Haaland  |  U.S. Representative for New Mexico's 1st District

Alan Armijo  |  Director of Public Affairs, Office of the Albuquerque Mayor

Chris Lujan  |  Architect and President of Las Vegas Alumni Chapter

Joy Garratt  |  New Mexico State Representative for District 29

Mark Valenzuela  |  Principal Analyst, Legislative Finance Committee

Judge Shammara Henderson  |  New Mexico Court of Appeals

A special thanks to our preliminary round judges:

Abra Altman  |  Strategic Support Manager, Office of the President

Brandi Stone  |  Director, African American Student Services

Corine Gonzales  |  Enrollment Management, Graduation Project Program Director

Deborah Vigil Kieltyka  |  Associate Director, Admissions & Recruitment

Desiree Gathings  |  Associate Director University Budget Operations, HSC Budget Office

Elisha Allen  |  Director, Core IT Services, UNM Academic Technologies

Glenn Nichol  |  Manager, Core IT Services

Grace Faustino  |  IT Project Manager, Research

Jose Gonzalez  |  Director of Finance & Administration, College of Nursing

Kevin Stevenson  |  Executive Director, Human Resources

Margaret Gonzales  |  Senior Operations Manager, Graduate Studies

Pablo Torres  |  Director, International Admissions and Recruitment

Pamela Agoyo  |  Director, American Indian Student Services

Robben Brown  |  Academic Affairs Specialist, Graduate Studies

Vahid Staples  |  Budget Officer

Yesenia Ruiz  |  Program Specialist, El Centro de la Raza

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