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Preparation Materials for LoboBITES

The following are some strongly recommended practices and articles to help you prepare your LoboBITES presentation. Please also refer to the contest rules and judging criteriaas you craft your talk. Good luck! 


Articles & Tutorials


  • Presentation practice is available through Centennial Library's D.E.N. 2, a private interactive space with an overhead projector and other equipment. Click here to reserve. You can check out a video camera from the Centennial service desk to record and review your presentation. Practice makes perfect!
  • While we're on the subject of practice, be sure to practice your talk in front of a trusted faculty member (such as your advisor), friends, and peers and ask for their honest feedback. Be sure they understand the basic premise of the competition (a non-academic talk about your research in three minutes) so they can give you the most effective feedback possible.