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Research Poster Information & Requirements

The Shared Knowledge Conference features outstanding research, displayed in poster format, from students across campus. As part of our effort to ensure that as many of UNM’s academic graduate programs are represented, each year we ask every academic graduate program to nominate at least one student to display a poster at the conference.

Students who present benefit from the experience by

  • Interacting professionally with conference attendees
  • Gaining valuable conference experience
  • Citing their competitive selection for the conference on their CV
  • Having their work promoted on the conference website

Student presenters also receive feedback on their posters and projects from a panel of academic professionals, who circulate through the conference.

Non-nominated students may still participate in the conference by presenting in the LoboBites competition.

  1. Only graduate students nominated by their program may participate; no outside submissions will be accepted.

  2. Ideal posters will attractively display innovative projects which inspire dialogue between academic and non-academic circles.

  3. Graduate Studies will provide a $75 stipend to all students participating in the poster session. This stipend is intended to cover poster printing costs.

  4. Required poster size is 24"x36" or 36"x48" (any orientation). Students may use posters they have previously presented, but if the poster's size is not the standard 24"x36" or 36"x48" the student will need to redesign and reprint the poster to fit conference dimensions. The Graduate Studies poster stipend should be used to cover these reprinting costs.

  5. Students are welcome to bring handouts and/or contact information to distribute to conference attendees.

  6. Abstracts for posters will be published in the Shared Knowledge Conference Digital Repository, and will remain in its archives after the completion of the conference.

  7. Students are responsible for the set-up and take-down of their posters. Graduate Studies is not liable for damaged or missing posters.

  1. Program faculty choose which student(s) to nominate for a poster presentation. Each graduate program at UNM is encouraged to nominate up to three students to present posters at the conference.

  2. A faculty member of the program (ideally the nominated student’s advisor) should submit their nominated student names and contact info to the Shared Knowledge Conference.

  3. The faculty nominator notifies the student of their nomination and directs the student to the conference website to learn more about poster guidelines and conference procedures.

  4. Nominated students submit their own project abstracts through a link provided to them.

Students who will be creating posters for the conference are encouraged to attend one of two poster design workshops being offered by the Graduate Resource Center and Graduate Studies in October 2018. Stay tuned for dates and times!

Looking for tips, tricks, and software for designing your poster? Check out the suggestions below!