Frequently Asked Questions about the Shared Knowledge Conference

Q: How is the Graduate Studies-sponsored Shared Knowledge Conference different than the one offered by the Graduate Resource Center in previous years? Weren't undergraduate students able to present at the previous Shared Knowledge Conferences?

A: From 2012-2016, the Shared Knowledge Conference (SKC) was run by the Graduate Resource Center (GRC) as a week-long conference open to all students at UNM (both graduate and undergraduate). In 2017, the GRC decided to discontinue offering the conference due to budget cuts, at which point Graduate Studies optioned to continue offering a simplified, more compact version of the conference. The Honors College also chose to offer its own undergraduate conference, the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference (UROC) with a similar format to the new Graduate Studies version of SKC.

Q: Where is the conference located?

A: In 2021, the conference will be held at the PAÍS building and the Student Union Building, with online attendance options available. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 conference convened completely online.

Q: Can I invite friends, family, and colleagues to see my work at the conference?

A: Absolutely! The more the merrier. Both events will be held in-person, with additional online attendance options for the public available.

Q: Does it cost money to attend or present at the conference?

A: Nope! To encourage attendance, participation, and connection as much as possible, the conference is completely free to participate in and attend.

Q: What benefit will students gain from participating in the conference?

A: Students can expect to benefit in a number of ways, including:

  • Greater exposure for their research
  • Feedback from academic and community professionals
  • A line on their CV
  • The opportunity to win scholarships in the LoboBites competition
  • Networking opportunities with fellow scholars and researchers, UNM officials, and professionals from Albuquerque and beyond