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What is a LoboBITE?

LoboBITES are three minute presentations on a thesis, dissertation, or other substantial research project, similar to the trademarked Three Minute Thesis (3MT). Think of them as short TED talks. Students must present their research in a compelling and easily digestible way, using language and terms appropriate for a general, non-academic audience. Presentations are judged by a panel consisting of UNM and Albuquerque community members. Top contestants can win up to $1000 in scholarships and a paid trip to represent UNM at a regional competition!




  1. Presentations must be made in 3 minutes or less. Two points will be deducted from the total score for every five seconds a student goes over the time limit.

  2. Students may include one static image (such as a photograph or PowerPoint slide, no video or audio) for their presentation. No multi-slide presentations are allowed. Students are encouraged to keep their slides as simple and easy-to-understand as possible, with limited text.

  3. A prop or other visual aid is allowed, but may only serve as a supplement to the larger presentation, not the focus.

  4. The primary mode of communication must be the spoken word.

  5. Please dress professionally (i.e. business or business casual).

  6. Decisions of judges are final and binding.

  7. Presenters must be students enrolled in a graduate program at the University of New Mexico.

  8. Participants must present on a thesis, dissertation, or other substantial research project.

  9. Judges and audience members are not allowed to ask questions following presentations, but may approach contestants after the winners have been announced if they’re interested in learning more about their projects.

LoboBITES presentations are judged by a panel comprised of persons from the UNM and Albuquerque communities. Presentations are evaluated using a 20-point rubric, based on the following criteria:

  • Significance: Presenters clearly explain the premise of their research and explain its significance to an audience with varied backgrounds (5 points)

  • Clarity: Presentation is logically organized, avoids jargon, and clearly highlights key ideas and conclusions (5 points)

  • Delivery: Presenters exhibit vocal variation, energy, confident demeanor, physical posture, and appropriate gestures (5 points)

  • Engagement: Presentation promotes audience comprehension and engagement (5 points)







Q: Do students need to be nominated by faculty to submit for LoboBITES?

A: No, but we strongly recommend that you consult and practice with your academic advisor as you craft your presentation.

Q: Can I use notes for my presentation?

A: You may, but we highly discourage the practice. Speeches tend to be more engaging for judges and the audience if you're able to speak directly to them, rather than reference notes.

Q: Can I use more than one slide?

A: No. All participants are limited to one digital slide each.

Q: Can I use other visual aids, such as a physical item or a costume?

A: You may, although we would recommend limiting the use of an excessive amount of other items. Also, bear in mind that if you win the competition and advance to the regional competition you will not be allowed to use any props or costumes.

Q: Can I give my presentation in an alternate format, such as a poem or song?

A: The primary form of communication must be spoken prose, but if you want to include a small amount of other types of material from you directly (i.e. not a recording), you're welcome to do so. However, bear in mind that if you win the competition and advance to the regional competition you will be limited to the spoken word and not allowed to incorporate any alternative communication formats.

Q: How soon will I know after the preliminary rounds if I'll be advancing to the final?

A: Contestants can expect to hear back within a few days of the preliminaries.

Q: Will there be an audience?

A: During the preliminary rounds the only audience will be judges, a few conference aids, and fellow LoboBITES presenters. The LoboBITES finale, however, will be open to the UNM community and general public.

Q: Can I invite friends, family, and colleagues to my preliminary round and/or the final?

A: Of course, and we hope you will! The goal of the conference is to bring academic and non-academic communities together, spark conversation, and forge lasting partnerships. The conference is also free to attend and participate in. Invite as many people as you'd like!