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UNM Digital Repository

The University of New Mexico has established a Graduate Studies manuscript collection as part of the University Libraries. The UNM Digital Repository is an open access digital archive that electronically houses research and creative works produced at UNM or by UNM graduate students and faculty. When you are ready to submit your manuscript after passing your defense and completing all the formatting and approval listed above, you will submit the manuscript electronically as a single pdf file at the following URL:

Note: It is imperative that you submit the complete manuscript including the Front Matter as a single pdf file.

Registering for the UNM Digital Repository. Go to Click on Create New Account (Sign up). Complete the registration. Be sure to use your UNM full email address and remember your password.

Transmitting your manuscript to the UNM Digital Repository. When you have completed all of your required revisions and saved your complete manuscript, including Front Matter, as a single pdf file you are ready to transmit the final electronic manuscript to the UNM Digital Repository. 

When you have the final dissertation.pdf file ready to submit to the digital repository, login and select the department collection. At the right side, select the Submit Research icon. Follow the submission steps by populating the fields with appropriate text. There are required fields. Click on the Submit tab when you have completed the dissertation submission.

The Graduate Studies Manuscript Coordinator, Doug Weintraub, will receive a notification by email when you have completed the dissertation submission. He will review the dissertation for Final Approval.

The manuscript stays in the UNM Digital Repository shadow archive until the Registrar confers the final degree, at which time the Graduate Studies Manuscript Coordinator electronically moves the manuscript from the shadow archive to the UNM Digital Repository open-access repository and (for doctoral students) to the ProQuest-UMI repository.