WAGS/ProQuest Awards Call for Nominations

Deadline: October 1, 2021

Graduate Studies announces its call for nominations for the Western Association of Graduate Schools (WAGS)/ProQuest awards for theses, dissertations, or eligible creative final products written or completed between July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021. There are four different award categories:

Click the relevant award category to review the specific eligibility and evaluation criteria.

UNM may nominate one student per category, whose application materials will then be advanced to the regional selection competition. Awards will be announced by December 2021. Recipients will receive a $1,000.00 award, a Certificate of the Award, and recognition at the March 20-23, 2022, WAGS Annual Conference and Awards luncheon.

Nomination Packet (Review specific details for each award):

Students may self-nominate, or departments can nominate students. In either case, nominees are required to submit the following materials as one PDF document, using the following file name convention: Nominee’s last name_UNM.pdf

Nomination packet materials include:

  1. A 1000–1500-word non-technical summary prepared by the nominee describing the research or, where applicable, the artistic approach and its significance. The summary should be written for a general academic audience of non-specialists.
  2. An abstract of the research project (not to exceed 10 double-spaced pages). Appendices with chart or tables may be included as additional pages. All pages should be numbered and should have the nominee’s name.
  3. Two nomination letters (not to exceed 1 page per letter). One letter from the department head or major professor and one letter from an additional faculty member. The letters should address the significance of the thesis or dissertation, its contribution to the program, and its impact on the knowledge base of the discipline.
  4. The nominee’s curriculum vitae or résumé (not to exceed five pages).

All materials are due by email as one PDF packet by Friday, October 1, at 5pm. An awards committee will review nominations and select one nominee for each category. Applicants will be notified by October 10, and Graduate Studies will advance the names and materials of the selected nominees to the WAGS award committee by October 11.

Submit the nomination packet to Margaret Gonzales (margo@unm.edu) by Friday, October 1, at 5pm.

Send questions about the nomination packet to Dr. Jesse Alemán, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (jman@unm.edu)

For questions about the WAGS awards and their final selection process, contact the WAGS Board at WAGSOfficer@gmail.com

If a nominee is selected as a finalist in any of the award categories, the nominee must upload their thesis, dissertation, or project to the PQDT Global database to be eligible for an award.