Guidelines for Proposed Graduation List

Proposed Graduation List Form

Please email the completed form to Tammie Ellis (, 505-277-6061).


Every program is responsible for submitting a list of students who intend to graduate each term. The Proposed Graduation List is due at GS on the last day of the term immediately preceding the graduation term.  Use the following format:

  1. The list should be typed.
  2. All fields are required; fill in completely.
  3. Staple multiple pages together.
  4. The graduate faculty advisor and graduate staff member must sign each page.
  5. Submit additions and/or deletions on separate pages; marked as “ADD” or ”DELETE”.  Additions are accepted through the first Friday of the term without petition, if a list was submitted by the stated deadline.


Students identified as potential graduates for a specific term must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • POS and/or AC’s must have been approved by GS. Students’ whose POS/AC have been received but not fully processed by GS will remain on the proposed graduation list, however the POS/AC’s must be approved by GS no later than the 21st day of the Fall or Spring terms or the Friday of the second week of the summer term.  Exceptions are handled through the petition process.
  • Students must be registered unless they fall under the “courtesy policy.”
  • Students must be in good academic standing.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Grades for all courses must be posted, even if a course does not apply to the degree in question. A student whose academic record shows Incompletes (I) or not reported (NR) grades will be removed form the graduation list.
  • Current term grades must be posted on the student’s transcript; and GPA must remain above 3.0.
  • Students must meet University deadlines for submission of exam results, manuscripts, etc. (November 15 for Fall, April 15 for Spring and July 15 for summer)
  • “Conditional Pass” on exams must be changed by the posted term deadlines
  • GS must be notified of “Passed with Distinction” notations on exams by the posted term deadlines.