Graduate Grade Replacement Policy

Grade Replacement Form

Please email the completed form to Robben Brown (, 505-277-7398). Submitting the form from your UNM email address will serve as your signature on the document.

The Following outlines the procedure for the implementation of this course repeat (grade replacement) option. 

  • The Graduate Grade Replacement option is effective as of Summer 2007 term and can only be applied to UNM course work taken in Summer 2007 forward. The policy is not retroactive. This means that the first attempt in a course cannot have been prior to Summer 2007.
  • The Graduate Grade Replacement Policy applies exclusively to required/core courses, which have a program established minimum grade requirement that has not been met.
  • This policy limits graduate students to a maximum of 9 credit hours of replacement grades during the course of a student’s graduate education and requires approval of the course instructor, the student’s advisor, the unit chair, and GS.
  • Although the student may have been in non-degree graduate status when the course was first taken, ONLY students who are in graduate status (admitted to a graduate program) are eligible to use this policy.
  • A repeated course must result in an improved grade in order to replace the original grade.  The higher grade will replace the lower grade from the GPA and earned credit hours. Grades of CR, NC, PR, WP, W/NC, and W are not replaceable grades since they do not affect the grade point average.
  • The process is NOT automatic. Students must initiate the process by completing a Graduate Grade Replacement form and obtaining the required signatures in the numeric order shown before submitting the form to GS. The course numbers must be identical, except where equivalencies or a change in course number has been noted in the UNM catalog. No substitute courses are acceptable. If it is a topics course in question, the titles must be identical as well. Forms are accepted after the second attempted grade has been posted to the student’s academic record.
  • A core course may only be repeated once (two instances). The grade from the first instance may be replaced with the repeated grade (second instance) if the student follows the grade replacement processes.
  • Once a grade replacement has been approved, the process cannot be reversed or changed.
  • No grade may be replaced after a graduate degree has been awarded.
  • There are no other deadlines for requesting a grade replacement.
  • The original grade will remain on the student's transcript, however, the higher grade will be used in the calculation of a student's grade point average and earned credit hours. An "N" will appear next to the course that is to be taken out of the GPA

NOTE: This policy is honored at the University of New Mexico. The University of New Mexico does not guarantee the recognition or acceptance of an improved grade point average resulting from this policy by other institutions or organizations.