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Graduate Recruiting Funding

Graduate Studies would like to encourage graduate programs to bring prospects to campus where they can meet with faculty, see the campus, attend a class, and speak to current UNM students. Graduate Studies will award up to $800/prospect for a recruiting visit.  The funds are for the prospect's travel only (no group meals, no charges incurred by current students, faculty or staff). We encourage coordinating with similar departments such that a cohort of prospects can visit the campus together. For best consideration, graduate programs should make requests by February 15 but we realize that departments differ in their graduate application deadlines.  For those departments that have application deadlines after February 15, submission of “good faith” funding request estimates are acceptable for the recruitment funding applications to meet the February 15 “best consideration” date. The estimated requests can be adjusted when the department obtains the actual information on the number of students they wish to bring to campus. Please submit your requests to Margaret Gonzales at

Supplemental Recruitment Awards 

Graduate Studies has limited supplemental awards to recruit outstanding graduate students that are under-represented for admittance to graduate programs in UNM departments. The supplemental awards will be up to $5000 per year for two years. The prospective student must enroll as full time (6 credit hours and an assistantship or 9 credit hours), must be on another assistantship through the department, and must remain in good standing in her/his department while making progress towards a degree. Applications are to be submitted by the Department Chair to Margaret Gonzales. Include justification of exceptional potential and evidence of an offer to the student from another university or universities.

Reporting requirements for both prospect recruitment funding and graduate recruitment grants. Funds should be expended by the end of Spring 2019 semester. By September 1 2019, a brief report should be sent to Margaret Gonzales ( assessing the effectiveness of the funded recruiting activity, including an update of the application, acceptance, and enrollment data for the target program(s).

If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Gonzales at