Graduate Recruiting Funding

Graduate Studies encourages graduate programs to bring prospective students to campus where they can meet with faculty, see the campus, attend a class, and speak with current graduate students.

Graduate Studies will award up to $800 per prospective student for a recruitment visit. The funds are for the prospective student’s travel only (no group meals, no charges incurred by current students, faculty, or staff). Priority will be given to departments that can demonstrate prior outreach efforts.

Funding requests should include:

  • Indicate the department cost share investment
  • Investment for outreach
  • Proposed recruitment
  • Explain how the targeted student(s) will diversify the graduate cohort – include the student(s) name

Departments must submit funding requests for the entire department (requests from disciplines, area concentrations, etc. will not be accepted).

Graduate Studies encourages coordinating with similar departments such that a cohort of prospective students can visit together and the departments can increase their recruitment efforts. 


February 15 at 5:00 pm. Submit to Margaret Gonzales at

For those departments that have application deadlines after February 15, good faith funding requests are acceptable. Estimated funding requests must be adjusted once the department has specifics on the student(s) they would like to visit campus.

Supplemental Recruitment Awards 

Graduate Studies has limited supplemental awards available to recruit outstanding graduate students that are under-represented. The supplemental awards will be for $5,000 to be attached to the assistantship offered by the recruiting department and will be for the first 2 years of graduate study. The supplements cannot be deferred.


  • Explanation of the potential for the student to succeed in their graduate program
  • Indicate the department that will be providing the assistantship to supplement
  • Student must enroll for 6 credit hours while holding the assistantship/supplement
  • Student must remain in good academic standing while making progress towards a degree in their academic department
  • Department must not already have a student awarded one of the Recruitment Supplements

Priority will be given to:

  1. Out-of-state recruitment efforts
  2. UNM students (new admits/alumni) whose field and study is significant to the region as supported by a robust UNM research program

Department chairs must submit the requests as no requests will be accepted from graduate program advisors, graduate program directors, etc.


March 15 at 5:00 pm. Submit to Margaret Gonzales at

Reporting for Both Recruitment Awards

Funds should be expended by the end of the spring semester when funds are awarded. All reimbursement requests for expenditures MUST be submitted before June 1 otherwise the charges will not be reimbursed.

The report should assess the effectiveness of the funded recruitment activity, including an update of the application, acceptance, and enrolment data for the target programs.


September 1 at 5:00 pm. Submit to Margaret Gonzales at

If the department’s report is not received on time, the department will not be eligible for funding the next funding cycle.