Formatting & Submitting your Thesis

UNM accepts both traditional and non-traditional (hybrid) thesis. If a graduate unit accepts both thesis options, students should consult with their thesis committee to decide which format is appropriate.

A traditional thesis is a single document, written solely by the student, presenting original scholarship. A non-traditional (hybrid) thesis, as defined by the graduate unit, consists of a collection of related articles prepared/submitted for publication or already published. Each thesis must include “introduction” and “conclusion” sections. Students must meet the general manuscript format criteria set forth in the UNM Catalog. Students must follow copyright policies for obtaining permission to use a previously published manuscript.

Students are responsible for preparing theses in proper format (traditional or non-traditional), which is of high quality and free of grammatical and typing errors. Guidelines on thesis format are detailed and should be carefully followed. Students are urged to print current manuscript guidelines and forms and consult manuscript templates. They should also consider consulting with Mayra Estrada, the Graduate Studies manuscript reviewer. A “Preparing Your Manuscript” tutorial is available online through Graduate Studies, and thesis formatting workshops are also offered each semester. 

After passing the dissertation defense, Plan I master's students must electronically submit their theses within ninety (90) days or by the term graduation deadline, whichever comes first. If theses are not submitted within that time, students must schedule and complete a second final examination for the thesis. In all cases the results of the thesis defense must be submitted to Graduate Studies no later than two weeks after the announced date of the thesis defense.

Please check the Thesis/Dissertation webpage or use the links below for more information on thesis/dissertation policies and procedures.