Formatting and Submitting Your Dissertation

The doctoral candidate is responsible for preparing a dissertation in the proper format that is of high quality and free of grammatical and typing errors. Guidelines on dissertation format are detailed and should be carefully followed. Students are urged to carefully review and print current guidelines before defending their dissertations; they may also wish to attend the Dissertation Formatting Workshop, offered through Graduate Studies, or consult with Mayra Estrada, the Graduate Studies manuscript reviewer.

Format and Submit Your Dissertation

After passing the dissertation defense, doctoral students must electronically submit their dissertations within ninety (90) days or by the term graduation deadline, whichever comes first. If the manuscript is not submitted within that time, the student must schedule and complete a second final examination for the dissertation. In all cases the results of the dissertation defense must be submitted to Graduate Studies no later than two weeks after the announced date of the dissertation defense.

Electronic Submission of the Thesis/Dissertation

The University of New Mexico encourages open access to all theses and dissertations produced for graduate degrees. Theses and dissertations (ETDs) submissions are uploaded to the LoboVault repository, a digital archive, where they are accessible for search and download through web search engines such as Google. The University of New Mexico has implemented an embargo restriction policy that enables students, with approval from their advisers and Graduate Studies, to delay public-wide access to their work in LoboVault. Before defending your thesis or dissertation, please consult with your committee chair and review the embargo restriction policy to determine whether or not you should release your work to open access or petition for an appropriate embargo option.

Please check the Thesis/Dissertation webpage or use the links below for more information on thesis/dissertation policies and procedures.