Academic Integrity

In the broadest sense, academic integrity designates the system of professional values and ethical responsibilities that govern our research, writing, teaching, and collegial interactions in the university and the community.

As stipulated in the UNM CatalogStudent Code of Conduct, and the UNM Pathfinder, "Each student is expected to maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity in academic and professional matters.” Academic integrity includes, but is not limited to, honesty in quizzes, examinations, and assignments; properly acknowledging the work of others in papers, theses, and dissertations; and following ethical practices when conducting research.

Academic integrity is often recognized in the breach, as in cases of cheating; plagiarism; fabricating or falsifying data; collaborating without authorization or misrepresenting one’s contribution in group work; submitting false information in any form; or intentionally altering, impeding or destroying another person’s work. Deliberately and knowingly abetting an act of academic dishonest or research misconduct, or failing to report an incident, also constitute violations of academic integrity.