UNM Students Research Presentation at Graduate Education Day at the New Mexico State Capitol

February 11, 2019

Today was Graduate Education Day at the Legislature, where eight of our Lobo grad students traveled to the Roundhouse to present their research and scholarship, much of which was conducted in New Mexico. Graduate Studies is very proud of these exceptional students at UNM, who are building new knowledge through research and creating significant scholarly contributions to their areas of study. Graduate Education Day is a showcase of graduate student research from each of New Mexico's six universities with graduate programs. The event gives graduate students from across the state the opportunity to present their research to state legislators and demonstrate why graduate education matters. This year, eight graduate students from the University of New Mexico will participate at the event, held on February 12. These students were competitively selected from poster presenters at the 2018 Shared Knowledge Conference.

Few glimpses of the event are provided below.