Charles Griffith Graduate Fellowship in Science and Technology


To support graduate students pursuing a degree in STEM fields, excluding the social sciences, by providing a fellowship to recruit or support highly qualified doctoral students for up to three years or to the time of Advancement to Candidacy, whichever comes first.

Priority will be given to applicants for whom the fellowship will secure successful recruitment to a UNM doctoral program in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Preference shall be given to students who demonstrate commitment to broadening participation in STEM fields through active engagement in UNM- or community-based programs, especially those that promote STEM fields as a career for women and members of underrepresented groups.


Qualified students who have been admitted to a UNM doctoral STEM program and have not yet Advanced to Candidacy are eligible for nomination, with priority given to nominees for whom the fellowship will secure successful recruitment to UNM.

Qualifying STEM fields include Engineering; Biology; Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Earth and Planetary Sciences; Geography and Environmental Studies; Mathematics and Statistics; and Physics and Astronomy. Social Science disciplines—Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology, and Psychology—are not eligible to apply.

The fellowship can be used for tuition and all associated expenses to support the Fellow’s research activities, including but not limited to: travel expenses to meetings in which research is presented; essential laboratory equipment specific to the Fellow’s research; or expendable lab supplies.

The fellowship will be awarded annually and paid on a yearly basis (in two installments across the academic year) and may be renewed to the same student in successive years, for up to three years or until the student Advances to Candidacy, whichever comes first, provided the recipient is making satisfactory academic progress toward the degree.

Nomination and Selection Process

Department chairs or designated graduate directors will send nominations to Graduate Studies by March 5 to Margaret Gonzales ( Departments are encouraged to submit only one nominee. Nomination packets should include:

  • Nomination letter from the department/program
  • CV
  • Transcripts
  • Nominee’s personal statement, cover letter, or letter of intent (as submitted with admissions materials if the student is new)
  • Proposed timeline or plan of study toward Advancement to Candidacy

All nominee materials must demonstrate scholastic ability as evidenced by the student’s proposed study proposal and research potential.

Recipients will be selected by the Dean of Graduate Studies or designated appointees, and funding for the award will begin at the start of the fall academic year.

Recipients of this fellowship must write a thank you letter to the donors annually, summarizing the recipient’s academic progress, research accomplishments, and goals for the following year.